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How it Started

The Avon Education Foundation was formed in 2003 through the effort and commitment of Sue Durant. After the town budget constraints began to impact the budget requests of the Board of Education, Sue Durant asked the Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Richard Kiesel, if the town had an education foundation to provide extra funding for the schools. She knew of the value of such foundations in other communities in which she had lived.

When Dr. Kiesel responded that Avon did not have a foundation, but agreed that it was an excellent idea, Ms. Durant contacted the Connecticut Consortium of Education Foundations and attended their workshop on how to start a foundation. She then held an information session at Town Hall and recruited several volunteers who became founding members of the Avon Education Foundation.

Our Community

AEF After 10 Years


To promote and enhance excellence in education in Avon, Connecticut by providing funding for programs that
encourage educational providers in the Avon Public Schools, the Avon Free Public Library, and the Avon Senior Center to initiate innovative and creative learning projects.

To provide independent financial resources for educational initiatives and increase awareness of, involvement in, and support for public education in Avon.

To work in close collaboration with the Avon Public Schools, the Avon Free Public Library, and the Avon Senior Center to support educational programs.

AEF Board of Directors and Members of Grant Review Committee

Dedicated to helping our community thrive for years to come.


Harry CaptainTreasurer 
Laura Dambier 
Megan deLivron 
Jenna Gray 
Charles Harvell, 
Margery Lawrence 
Deb Searson, Board Co-Chair
William Shea
Norm Sondheimer

Grant Review Committee

Megan deLivron
Colleen Donahue
Beth Ferrari
Margery Lawrence
Maria Mascoli
Patty Olson
Cindy PastoreCo-Chair
Wendy Reynolds
Heather Satlof
Deb Searson, 
Norm Sondheimer 


Dr. Bridget Carnemolla, Superintendent, Avon Public Schools

Deb Chute, Chair, Avon Board of Education

Jon Moss, President, Avon Education Association

In the Fall of 2022, AEF awarded a grant to Jennifer Malz and Alexander Mancini at Avon High School. Their project, “Starting Grounds,” established a student operated coffee delivery service for teachers and staff at the high school.  Students benefited from vocational training in receiving and fulfilling orders, working with money, following multi-step directions, and collaborating with others.