“The wise person will tithe of one’s time as well as of one’s income”

Grant Committee: Heather Maguire (chair), Gayle Bieluch, Micky Dorsky,
Carolyn Marshall, Nevine Mounib, Mark Nolan, Sally Noonan,
Cindy Pastore 
and Robin Venditti Stoll;

Grant mentors: Jason Beaudin, AHS; Jan Brennan, AMS; Rosanne Civittolo, RBS;
Ardith Franklin, TBS; and Jon Moss, PGS

Cindy Pastore, C.H.E.E.R! coordinator; Mardelle Pena, Avon Day coordinator;

Carolyn Marshall, photographer and post grant coordinator;

Joanne Beers, database administrator and webmaster;

Rosanne Civittolo, our teacher board liaison; Gary Mala, Superintendent, for his support;
and Shirley Moy for reserving our meeting rooms and for distributing our e-mails;

Natale Messina and Patricia Rodgers, Murtha Cullina, LLP of Hartford, CT;

Stephen Stranieri, Saslow Lufkin & Buggy LLP;

our past board members: Janet Anderson, Joanne Beers, Gayle Bieluch, Stacey Biernat, Tom Boone,
Tom Carey, Eileen Carroll, Brenda Cronin, Suguna Chunduri, Sue Durant, Beth Hudson, Richard Kisiel,
Martin LoMonaco, Ginny McGee, Cheryl McGuff, 
Nat Messina, Nancy Muench, Herb Pandiscio,
Mardelle Pena, Sara Ray, Sharon Ricci, Debra Routt, Darlene Salonia
and Magda Stayton;

and each of our current Directors.

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