A letter from Brendan D. Lynch, Grade 5 Teacher, Thompson Brook School Avon

I just wanted to give you an update on the Escape Classroom grant that helped me purchase the Escape Classroom kits.

Utilizing multiple kits was a challenge much bigger than I imagined, taking many many hours for initial setup since each kit required dismantling and resetting multiple locks, printouts, clues (like blacklights, writing hidden messages, hiding items, etc.), and other items to setup. However, all the work was well worth the effort as I was able to launch this this spring with a candy and place value themed escape. My students were split into small teams, and really loved the experience.

I was not able to work out a date with Mr. Duffy to have the staff try it out this year, but he is going to try to get me some time after school someday this fall. I included several pictures below of my students involved in their first Escape Classroom. Thanks again for providing me this opportunity! Please feel free to share this e-mail with other AEF board members. Have a wonderful summer!