Thompson Brook School

GRANT RECIPIENTS: Thompson Brook School

  • 2011, 6th Grade: Hudson Family Grant; Yellow Team: Richard W. Kisiel, Ed.D. Grant in honor of his retirement; Blue Team: Oh Family Grant; Red Team: UNICO Grant, Classroom Access to 21st Century Technology, Michael Netkovick, 6th Grade Teacher, and Ardith Franklin, Librarian, Grade 5-6, All Subjects – Upgrade technology in 5th and 6th grade classrooms to enable educators and students to initiate and engage in innovative and creative learning. A ceiling mounted DLP projector and speakers will be installed in each classroom. This will provide capability they do not have today: use Google maps, take online virtual field trips, watch videos and live television to reinforce curriculum, use interactive science activities, collaborate with other classrooms through online communication. Also, every classroom will be able to take advantage of the interactive software for SMART Boards TBS already owns even though they are not equipped with the SMART touch screen itself.
  • 2009 Duffy Family Grant, Hartford Stage Arts and Literacy Connections, Mike DeRitis, TBS with grade level team leads at TBS and RBS, Grades K – 6, Reading – The Connections Program is being expanded after last year’s well-received 4th grade pilot program at RBS funded by an AEF Mini Grant. Over the course of five days, visiting artists in each classroom explore a grade-appropriate core-curriculum book. Designed to enhance reading comprehension skills and to instill a love of reading, students are engaged in a literary text through the use of dramatic techniques. (Additional funding from the PTOs and in-school field trip fees.)
  • 2007 Leo & Jean Duffy Memorial Grant, Fitness for the Future, Tim Feshler, RBS & TBS, Grade 4-12, Physical Education – Incorporate use of technology into Physical Education to enable students to track their fitness levels and progress and to enable educators to evolve the curriculum to meet needs.
  • 2007 Farmington Savings Bank Mini Grant, WAVN TBS Podcasting, Mary Ramondetta, TBS, Grade 6, Language Arts, Social Studies – Application of personal audio technology to Language Arts and Social Studies; students will create podcasts which can be published to the internet for use by others.
  • 2006 Program Grant, Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) Lab, Carl Sauerbrunn, TBS, Grade 5 & 6, General Music – Complete the MIDI Lab so that every student has the opportunity to compose, notate and record original musical works on the computer. The technology also enables new ways to integrate music with social studies, language arts and science projects.
  • 2006 Farmington Savings Bank Mini Grant, Regarding the Book, Judy DeVito & Ardith Franklin, TBS, Grade 5 & 6, Reading, Writing – A reading and writing program presented by Nutmeg winning author and journalist Kate Klise.
  • 2005 Dos Santos Family Mini Grant, Connecting to a World of Learning Using Streaming Digital Videos, Kelley Lanahan, AMS, & Doreen Cohn, TBS, Grade 5-8, Multi-disciplinary – Provide teachers and students a new and powerful learning tool – real-time video through United Streaming–to change student-teacher interaction in ways that facilitate student achievement.
  • 2005 Avon United Fund Mini Grant, Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) Lab, Carl Sauerbrunn, TBS, Grade 5 & 6, General Music – Create a pilot MIDI Lab to allow students to compose, notate and record original musical works on the computer.