Roaring Brook School

GRANT RECIPIENTS: Roaring Brook School

  • 2013 Hyatt Family Grant, Playground Initiative: Access, Inclusion and Laughter for AllDr. Crisanne Colgan, Principal, Grades K – 4 – The Mini-Grant will support the purchase of two Spinner Bowls, a hollow, bowl-like piece of playground equipment that children can sit in and pump their legs to spin and move all around. It uses centrifugal force and weight distribution to not only provide a safe and fun ride, but as a great tool for teaching science. (Go to this link for a full description:
  • 2012 Polley Family Grant, Blazer’s Trail, an Outdoor Learning Project, Joe Pereira and Kristin Cutler, Grand K – 4 - The Blazer’s Trail Committee will direct the construction of permanent kiosks to serve as learning stations along the existing nature trail. This project builds on the Unplugged Learning Project funded in 2009. Students will have access to Explorer Kits with tools and supplies to make the outdoor experience fun and engaging.
  • 2011 Robert, Brian and Matthew Duffy Grant, Mobile Overhead Projector Set-Up, Linda Miller, Librarian, Grade K – 4, All Subjects – Acquire a mobile projector and laptop computer with wireless access to the internet that can be used anywhere in the building. This will enhance teaching and learning by providing access to a broad array of internet based teaching tools.
  • 2009 Program Grant, “Unplugged Learning” Project, Larry Sparks, Assistant Principal, RBS, Grades K-4 and the community, Natural Science – Build an amphitheater stage and seating, develop a nature trail and remove invasive poison ivy (including ADA accessibility compliance). The space, designed by the Unplugged Learning Project team, will be used for “place-based education.” That is, hands-on, experiential learning and exploration within immediate natural surroundings.
  • 2009 Duffy Family Grant, Hartford Stage Arts and Literacy Connections, Mike DeRitis, TBS with grade level team leads at TBS and RBS, Grades K – 6, Reading – The Connections Program is being expanded after last year’s well-received 4th grade pilot program at RBS funded by an AEF Mini Grant. Over the course of five days, visiting artists in each classroom explore a grade-appropriate core-curriculum book. Designed to enhance reading comprehension skills and to instill a love of reading, students are engaged in a literary text through the use of dramatic techniques. (Additional funding from the PTOs and in-school field trip fees.)
  • 2008 Avon Junior Women’s Club Mini Grant, Leaping into Learning, Lisa Fenn, RBS with Erin Dorsey, PGS and Laura McDonnell, RBS, Grade 1, Science – Scientific inquiry that investigates the life cycle of the frog culminating in a “Swap and Hop Day” when all 1st graders will gather to share results and release their former tadpoles. Collaboration between the schools will be enhanced by a web blog of frog progress.
  • 2008 Mini Grant in honor of Larry Sparks, Fluency in Motion, Laura McDonnell, RBS, Grade 1, Reading – This program will assess and encourage reading fluency in first graders through the use of Reader’s Theatre audiobooks.
  • 2007 Leo & Jean Duffy Memorial Grant, Fitness for the FutureTim Feshler, RBS & TBS, Grade 4-12, Physical Education - Incorporate use of technology into Physical Education to enable students to track their fitness levels and progress and to enable educators to evolve the curriculum to meet needs.
  • 2007 Mini Grant, Connections Literacy Program, Wendy Zacchera and 4th Grade Teachers, RBS, Grade 4, Reading, History – This in-school residency program by the Hartford Stage is designed to enhance reading comprehension skills and to instill a love of reading by engaging students in a literary text through the use of dramatic techniques. A master teaching artist will lead literacy and drama activities based on Number the Stars by Lois Lowry.
  • 2005 Avon United Fund Mini Grant, China: Through the Eyes of a Child, Nancy Usich & Michele Lemis, RBS, Grade 2, History, Geography – Make the history and culture of Chinese Americans come alive through a multi-disciplinary approach. Students explore Chinese legends, folktales, customs, food, music and origami, interact with guest speakers and Chinese dance performers, and participate in a school-wide Lion Dance parade.
  • 2005 Shopis Family Mini Grant, The RBS Current, Alexa Pariano, RBS, Grade 3 & 4, Writing, Journalism – Software to enable students to develop a student-run newspaper. Avon High School students mentor and advise elementary students on the editing and publishing process.
  • 2004 Avon Junior Women’s Mini Grant, Music and the Underground Railroad, Nancy Usich, RBS, Grade 2, History – Multi-Disciplinary, Explore the history and culture of the Underground Railroad through music as a communication tool. A resident artist and musician visits classrooms and students keep slave journals and make “quilts” all culminating in a performance to parents and the community.
  • 2004 Mini Grant, Literacy-Based Phonic Enrichment, Kerry Lurate and 1st Grade Teachers, RBS, Grade 1, Reading – Books to enrich the current phonics program with authentic children’s literature.
  • 2004 Mini Grant, Multicultural Instruments, Paul Johnson, RBS, Grade 1-4, General Music, Geography – Acquire multicultural music instruments to implement study units devoted to world music. Grade level teachers will receive cultural support for geography units on other countries.