Avon Middle School

GRANT RECIPIENTS: Avon Middle School

  • NEW 2014 Polley Family Grant, Rosalind Wiseman-Creating Cultures of Dignity, Kathy Marzano, AMS, Grades 7 thru 12, School Culture and Climate - Rosalind Wiseman, author of Queen Bees & Wannabees, Masterminds & Wingmen, and several other books, will come to speak to groups of students about managing life as a teenager. She speaks about creating a culture of understanding and dignity, encouraging students to challenge “social group norms” that lead to mean behavior and disrespectful school culture. She offers her experience working with teens, sharing advice with students from her years of working with teen specific problems. She also offers a program for parents of teens, helping adults understand the teen perspective. Funding is also being provided by Avon Youth Services.

  • 2012 Natale & Elizabeth Messina Grant, iPads and Energy, Jason Cleveland, Christopher Jones and Scott Rand, AMS, 8th Grade, Science, – Acquire 3 iPads to enhance physics instruction using available robust apps for teaching physics. iPads can interface with existing projection equipment, and, for a reasonable price, also existing PASCO probe ware (2006 Research in Real Time grant). Live, on-screen demonstrations of physics concepts will be possible using the unique accelerometer and magnetometer capabilities of the iPad.
  • 2012 Mini Grant, Student-Constructed Outdoor Classroom, Patrick Mulligan and John Mason, Grades 7 & 8, Technology Education and Science – Collaboration of parents, teachers, students and the school district to plan, design and build a pergola and picnic tables creating an outdoor classroom area behind the middle school. In addition, students will research and select plantings to beautify the area with evaluation of this project element by the science teacher.
  • 2010 Mini Grant, Community Courts for All Ages and Abilities, Marco Famiglietti, Principal, AMS, Grade 7-12 and Avon Community, Physical Education – This project will support community efforts to reinstate approximately 6 weeks of tennis instruction and approximately 4 weeks of paddle tennis instruction as well as games and activities in the spring and fall for all AMS students; increase the number of high school students who qualify to play Junior Varsity and Varsity team tennis by approximately 35%; enable including tennis in the Unified Sports program at AHS for special athletes and their partners of regular abilities; and expand access to recreational tennis for all Avon residents.
  • 2009 UNICO Grant, “A is for Avon,” Jan Brennan, AMS, Grade 2, 7 and Avon community, Civic History, Writing, Editing & Publishing – Her 1979 alphabet book, A is for Avon, highlights points of historical interest in the town. It is being updated by 25 volunteer 7th graders and will continue to be used in the 2nd grade civic history unit. Copies will be available in the 5 public school libraries and the Avon Free Public Library. The Avon Historical Society will be involved in its distribution and promotion.
  • 2007 AEF Service Award, Sponsored by Farmington Savings Bank, Doreen Cohn, Technology Integration Coordinator grade K-12, Grade 7 & 8, World Language - Pilot personal audio player technology in World Language studies.
  • 2006 Program Grant, Research in Real Time, Kelley Lanahan & Math and Science Depts., AMS, Grade 7 & 8, Math, Science – Establish a mobile research laboratory using laptop computers with scientific probeware and graphing calculators to enhance math and science outcomes. (Funding also provided by the AMS PTO)
  • 2006 Mini Grant, Avon Summer Theater: “Disney’s Beauty and the Beast,” Thomas Kawiecki, AMS, Grade 7 & 8, Music, Theater – Costume rental to aid student actors dramatically interpret their roles which require them to imbue inanimate objects (e.g., candlestick) with human characteristics.
  • 2005 Dos Santos Family Mini Grant, Connecting to a World of Learning Using Streaming Digital Videos, Kelley Lanahan, AMS, & Doreen Cohn, TBS, Grade 5-8, Multi-disciplinary – Provide teachers and students a new and powerful learning tool – real-time video through United Streaming–to change student-teacher interaction in ways that facilitate student achievement.
  • 2005 Lounge Lizards Mini Grant, KidWind, Christopher Jones, AMS, Grade 8, Science, Ecology – Experiment with the variables affecting wind turbine electrical generators to explore current energy issues using hands-on scientific methodology.
  • 2004 Farmington Savings Bank Mini Grant, Salmon Egg Rearing, Christopher Jones, AMS, Grade 8, Science, Ecology – Raise salmon in the classroom for release into local waterways while teaching the fragility of the ecosystem. Corresponds to the 8th grade Ecology Unit and offers a community benefit through environmental stewardship.
  • 2004  Silverman Family Mini Grant in memory of Kenneth Sargent, Digital Video Editing, Patrick Mulligan, AMS, Grade 7 & 8, Multi-Media – Create a television editing studio incorporating multi-disciplinary connections for multi media projects.