Grant Types


Mini Grants – Funds up to $1,000 to educators for enrichment projects or programs and the associated equipment and materials.

Grants - Funds of more than $1,000 for novel programs which support multidisciplinary projects, and/or collaborative grade level, school level, and community projects. Projects should enhance the educational experience and demonstrate the viability of model programs that could be implemented throughout the community. This category also includes “professional-in-residence” programs that bring skilled artisans or experts into the classroom or community to work with students and grants that are global in scope benefitting a broad range of students, schools, disciplines, grade levels and/or the entire Avon community.

Founders’ Fund Grants - The Founders’ Fund has been established to make funds available to previous grant recipients and their successors to update, improve or expand an existing program that previously received funding from the Foundation.

Grants will be awarded twice a year in December and June starting with the 2013-14 academic year. Therefore, “out-of-cycle” grant applications will no longer be accepted.