Grant Criteria


The Grant Committee, comprised of educators, administrators, business professionals, active community leaders and dedicated volunteers, will consider in their discretion the following criteria when reviewing each proposal:

  • Change, expansion, adaptation, enhancement, improvement, challenge, risk, “out-of-box” thinking, a new technique for learning…
  • Does the grant proposal seek to achieve creative and unconventional pathways to learning that add depth to the curriculum and motivate students?
  • Does the grant proposal address the varied educational needs of the community by exploring and developing new programs, choices and models for teaching and learning?
  • Significant number of students, teachers, parents, administrators, community members… over an extended time… across schools, grades, departments, disciplines, community groups…
  • How many students will benefit from participating in the program or be directly impacted by the project?
  • Does the project have the potential of being replicated and impacting a larger number of students?
  • Has collaboration—working together, joint effort—between schools and community groups been considered?
  • To what extent does the grant proposal enrich the curriculum?
  • Does the proposal support the goals and curriculum objectives, and the educational values of the Avon Public Schools or other educational objectives in the Town of Avon?
  • Will the program be able to sustain itself or be replicated after initial funding?

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