cashThe Foundation shall fund only those projects, which augment and enrich the curriculum, and do not supplant programs traditionally funded by district, state or federal budgets. The primary criterion for dispensing grants shall be high-quality educational content and the impact on students and/or community members. Projects must promote advancement of skills or knowledge and add depth to the curriculum.

In addition, the Foundation shall give preference to projects which will benefit the largest number of individuals and encourages collaboration among grades, disciplines, schools and/or the community. Funding for a project may include a partnership with other organizations, such as PTOs, civic organizations, corporations, etc. Applications and project evaluations will be reviewed annually.

Foundation awards shall not fund books, supplies, honoraria, equipment, professional development, etc., as isolated items unless these items are essential to the project. In addition, awards shall not typically fund local transportation costs, compensation for substitute teachers, and salaries or stipends for additional staffing as part of an approved project. Finally, awards shall be given only to projects which the Foundation determines meets the letter as well as the spirit of its guidelines.

Review Process

The AEF Grant Review Committee shall consist of at least two members of the Board of Directors and shall not include any individual employed by the Avon Public Schools or Avon municipal departments, or any elected or appointed town official. The Avon Superintendent of Schools, Avon Board of Education Chairperson and Avon Education Association President are Ex-Officio members of the AEF.

Grant applicants and qualified educators include teachers, administrators and other school professionals in the Avon Public Schools and other educational providers from municipal departments. The Project Director must be a qualified educator and be involved in all stages of project development from planning through evaluation. The Project Director must complete and return an Evaluation Report at the conclusion of the project.


Projects should coincide with the goals and curriculum objectives of the Avon Public Schools and/or the mission of the Avon Town Council, or educational values of the community. In addition, projects should demonstrate sustainability, where applicable and must have clear and well-defined goals and clearly delineated educational value.

The grant application must include the project’s implementation timetable and a detailed budget. The building principal of the grant applicant’s school or the department head of the grant applicant’s municipal department must approve all grant proposals. Grant proposals unaffiliated with a particular school or department will require the approval of the Superintendent of Schools and/or the Town Manager. When applicable, program and directed grants may also require the approval of the Board of Education and/or the Town Council.

All applications that include hardware and/or software acquisitions shall require the approval of the APS Network Administrator for compatibility and sustainability assurance.

Post-Grant Activity

Grant recipients must agree to acknowledge the support of the AEF in any printed material or presentations. The Foundation’s Executive Board must approve all amendments to the original grant project and/or budget.

The grant recipient is allowed one year from the grant award date to complete the program/project. If, for any reason, a grant recipient is unable to administer the approved project, the grant recipient will return all allocated funds to the Foundation. The grant recipient may reapply during the next grant cycle.